The Lioness within, Confidence Coaching aims to help people connect with themselves deeply to achieve peace of mind. Day-to-day, we get so enmeshed in our daily lives that we can forget to take opportunities to foster an even better sense of self as well as meaningful relationships.
The experiences we have shape our self-worth, whether negatively or positively. By using a solution focused, person centered and collaborative coaching model, The Lioness Within works with, and empowers clients with the necessary tools to achieve their personal goals, overcome challenges and apply learning through reflection about their life journey. These practices enable clients to embrace the whole self and to work towards achieving personal growth milestones.
Seeking support, acknowledging that the concern or struggle you have is difficult for anyone. Know that when you get support from Ukasha, you will find her to be very open, understanding, non-judgmental and client centered. She can help you process and unpack various aspects that have impacted your present life.

Areas of Focus

Low Mood
Unhelpful Thinking
Overcoming Avoidance
Problem Solving
Red Lights
Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (In Progress)
Certified Strategic Interventionist
Best Selling Author 
Emotional Health Speaker
Mother of Teens