Our coaching process produces solutions that are sustainable over the long term as they are based on the clients' strengths and experience. It's an approach tailored to each clients' individual needs and includes 4 steps:

Step one 

Gain a thorough understanding of your challenge(s)

Step two

Developing a personalized strategy incorporating your strengths, new tools, greater awareness, and goal setting

Step three

Create "safe experiment" using real-life challenges which are then tested in between sessions

Step four

Review results of these experiments and make necessary adjustments 

The quality of your life is found in meaning.

Life is not the challenges that you face, but the meaning that you give to those challenges.

Emotions are the fuel of life.

The quality of your experiences depends on the quality of your emotions.

Life is constant change.

Life is constant growth.

Emotions can be controlled and transformed from negative to positive.

"I really appreciated your centeredness and openness - it was easy to connect with you. I love when someone asks me intelligent questions and you did exactly that - I had to stop and reflect and find the answer within me. I really appreciated the fact that you sent me an email summarizing what we talked about and that you gave me some great tips for doing the RMT in a more effective way. Thank you"

—  Laura E., Life Coach

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