Through my training with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes of Robbins Madanes Training and Strategic Intervention, it has become clear that Human Needs Psychology, also known as the 6 Human Needs to be the basis and common factor of all decisions we make. 


I have personally seen through not only myself but also with my clients, that these needs truly impact the life we lead.

With the understanding and knowledge of the 6 Human Needs and the help of a life coach, you can transform into a deeper path towards authenticity, emotional freedom and joyful living. 


Because a thorough understanding of the 6 Human Needs Assessment provides an understanding of how your highest needs have impacted your life and ideas on how to positively fulfill your highest needs going forward, you will begin to feel a strong sense of balance, fulfillment and a direction towards meeting your goals.


What are the basic Six Human Needs?


1. Certainty: A guaranteed outcome that will evoke pain or pleasure. The need for safety,                          security, and order; predictable


2. Uncertainty/Variety: The desire for constant change, stimulation; excitement, challenge,                                        chaos


3. Significance: The feeling of being important, seen as unique - an individual; feeling                                    special, pride, worthy


4. Connection/Love: A relationship or strong feeling with another person; approval, intimacy


5. Growth: Knowledge seeking, of self-discovery, expansion; spiritual expansion path


6. Contribution: Strong sense of service and supporting others; protect & serve



After completing your 6 Human Needs Test, it will be reviewed personally by myself (Ukasha Malik, Certified Strategic Interventionist) using Chloe Madanes's and Tony Robbins Training and Assessments.


A full review of the results of your 6 Human Needs Assessment will be emailed to you within 24 hours.


Bonus: at that time you will be offered the opportunity to schedule a 30-minute complimentary strategy session with me. 


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