Fear is the #1 block that keeps us from achieving our goals. 

There are 3 main types of fears: Physical, Social and Economical. We play certain roles in our lives and have become so accustomed to them that we start identifying them as who we are when in reality we are so much more than just the roles we play. 


In this workshop, you will discover your conscious and subconscious mind and be able to transform your fear into your strength. The limiting beliefs that have been created by social conditioning from the ages of 0-6 play a great role in the adults we are today. Analyze your social conditioning and eliminate your limiting beliefs and live by empowering beliefs. 


Learning Outcomes:


  • Explore various forms of fear

  • 7 steps to break free from fear

    1. Evaluate your environment

    2. Confront your fear

    3. Optimize your limits

    4. Change your outlook

    5. Celebrate the lesson

    6. Design a compelling future

    7. Own your breakthrough


Who should attend?

Individuals who wish to live an exciting life without fears holding them back from their true potential.


  • 1 Pre-recorded Presentation

  • Strength Finding Exercises and Facilitation

  • 1 hour of one on one coaching session upon completion

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