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 ECP could assists you as an employer to meet your requirements under the Canada Labour Code, which refers to an employees obligation to "ensure that the health and safety at work of every person employed are protected".  Furthermore, Individual support, workshops, seminars, coaching packages to train and support your employees' mental health and emotional well being can drive engagement, increase productivity and improve business outcomes.


We offer services to both private and public organizations, which can be held at our premises or at any designated venue. 


Top employers understand that they need to invest in programs that maximize support, productivity, and performance of their team. 


Services Most Requested to assist with:


Stress and Anger Management in the workplace

Career Development

Change Management in the organization

Building Teams

Leadership Training

Conflict Resolution Exercise

Educate Balancing Work & Family 


Mental health challenges can be a significant factor in the performance of your workplace and your employees.

Mental health issues account for 30% of all disability costs but studies show that taking effective action produces results. A 15-33% reduction in psychological health costs is achievable when effective, proactive and appropriate policies and programs are implemented. (CMHA)


Quality Assurance


The Lioness Within Confidence Coaching ensures compliance with quality standards in a variety of ways, including:


  • Ensuring compliance with a variety of government policies, i.e., Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act; and the Canadian Human Rights Act; 

  • Ensuring on a case-by-case basis that intervention plans for clients respect our mandate and are best suited to meet the needs of each client;




Offered to up to 10 of your chosen employees per quarter (12 weeks)



1st week:


  • Conduct an internal audit to assess levels of distress and lack of motivation in your workplace 


2nd week:


  • Confident Leadership Master Class 

    • Train your staff in emotional intelligence, confidence-building skills, and facilitate in dealing with corporate stress and provide conflict resolution case study exercises


3rd week:


  • Conduct a final audit to assess levels of leadership in your workplace 


4th week:


  • Provide an Employee Engagement Assessment Report 


5th - 12th week: 


  • Proceed with Confidential Coaching Program.

  • Individually customized! 

  • 5-7 Sessions (weekly sessions per client's availability, must be completed within 7-week window provided)



  • Follow up one-month post completion of the program for feedback and reassessment of Employee Engagement within the organization.  



Contact ukasha.malik@outlook.com for an invoice with HST#, which you may submit for your Annual Tax Returns.