Happy Girl

When you live in passion, you are passionate to live. 

Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm or compelling desire for someone or something.

Passion stems from interest, enjoyment, and admiration of an idea or activity. 

Pro Tip: Try not to censor yourself or respond in ways you think you "should".

Are you ready to explore what makes you happy?

 If you are someone who is wondering "what is my purpose" or "what should I do with my life that will make me feel complete or make life worth living", then this exercise will serve very beneficial to your clearing your blocks. 

Be as honest as possible. 

The first part of figuring out how you want to spend your one and only life is to identify the activities that make you feel alive - the things you love to do more than anything else. Use this exercise to tune into them. You may find that your answers range widely, which is fine.