7 Qualities of a Great Leader

What does it mean to be a great leader in the workplace?

As an experienced, former Executive Assistant of over 10 years, I have had the privilege to work with amazing leaders or aspiring great leaders. Being an Executive Assistant has been a rewarding experience for me. I have always felt extremely valued and regarded as one of the key contributors to the team. This was not only because of my ability to produce exceptional work but also for my leaders' exceptional qualities to lead.

The following seven are essential qualities that a great leader should posses, based on my experience.


1. Forecast

Great leaders have a clear vision of where they are going and what they are trying to accomplish. This separates leaders from managers. A Manager gets the job done, a leader taps into the emotions of his or her direct reports and provides resources to manage them.

2. Courageous and bold

They are willing to take risks for the success of reporting staff despite the fact that there might be no certainty of success. They are bold in that they keep their commitment to you and state facts rather than their personal emotional opinion.

3. Value integrity

I am sure you already know that integrity is the most precious asset of any company and the man/woman leading it. That is because it is important to maintain transparency in everything you are doing as a leader of an organization. Transparency is necessary to gain and build the trust of your team. Great leaders value integrity above all characteristics, either for self or for their staff.

4. Humble

Great leaders are those who are not just strong and decisive, but also humble. They have self-confidence and self-awareness, but most importantly they are able to recognize the value of others without feeling threatened. They are able to admit if they made a mistake or that they may not have all the answers all the time. Most importantly they are not shy to give credit where credit is due.

5. Strategic

Great leaders ask questions based on what is happening, what the organization is aiming for and where it is likely to be in three months, six months or a year. They do this so they can guide their team mates and direct reports towards success strategically.

6. Never stop learning

They are not willing to let anything limit them or come between their or their team's success. They are always striving to improve themselves, learn new skills and abilities to make their success faster and easier. Moreover, they provide their staff with the continuous opportunity to improve skills or acquire new skills.

7. Stay focused

They focus on the needs of the company and the situation. They focus on the result of what must be achieved by themselves, by others and by the company. They center their attention on their teammates and the organization strengths.

Each of these leadership qualities can be learned with practice and mastered by repetition with the help of a life coach.

Ukasha Malik

The Lioness Within Confidence Coaching

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