Beat Stress before it Beats You!

5 Rules of Stress Management

Have you recognized the presence of stress in your life? If yes then it is imperative that you establish the relationship between stress, conflict and self- esteem, to understand that you have the power to implement preventative actions.

Living under continual stress is not healthy and it is one of the major issues of this century. We are faced with information coming at us in various forms . With an increase in information our expectations of ourselves and others increases as well. That is where stress enters. It occurs when demands on us exceed our ability to cope with them. When we experience pressure, our self-esteem stars to undermine our confidence. This begins the internal dialogue of doubt. Stress affects self esteem and confidence which then impacts our emotional health.

Do you have strategies that work for you when you need to beat stress?

Stressed out?

Here are my 5 Rules of Stress Management:

1) Stop, think and look at the bigger picture: Think about the consequences that can result from feeling stressed.

2) Tell yourself, this too shall pass: Providing stress a time limit brings you back in control and now you can focus on the how you can help it pass rather than the why it is happening to you.

3) Realign with your own values: Reflect on your own priorities and how what is expected of you connects with what you actually want in your life.

4) Keep a journal: This is a powerful way to understand the relation between your stress, conflict and self esteem. It may sound basic but record how you feel about how your day went and your views on the various situations you faced. This will bring clarity in your life.

5) Be the boss of you: What others say or do is a mere projection of their own reality onto yourself. When you are immune to the opinions, projections, behaviours and actions of others, you will no longer be a victim of the needless suffering any longer.

Extra tips:

  • Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine.

  • Get More Sleep.

  • Try Regular Meditation.

  • Talk to Someone.

I would love to hear from you and hear about your experience. Please feel to contact me via

Until next time…

Live in Passion, Confidence and Happiness

Ukasha Malik

CEO of The Lioness Within Confidence Coaching

Certified S.I Life Coach

Ukasha Malik

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