Control Yourself, Control Your Life!

Do you often wonder how you can get clarity on your personal and professional goals; how to get control of your life?

5 Steps to Setting Goals so you can control yourself - your life!

1) Create a list then, imagine buckets: Professional, Personal, Relationship, Entertainment, Financial and Health. In each bucket write down 2 or 3 goals from the list you want to start working on right now.

For example:

2) Plan what needs to happen first (a), second (b), etc (c,d,e). Everyday take 5 minutes to check your plan and prioritize each activity.

For example:

3) Kill procrastination, your biggest enemy in reaching your goals. If you don’t want to do an activity, then give it only 15 minutes of your time each day. This keeps the momentum going and helps you stay in focus, but do not leave it for ‘NEXT TIME’.

4) Stay focused and avoid distractions by setting a timer. I find this helpful while I am managing my social media as its too easy to get pulled in. When the timer goes off you stop. Don't forget to reward yourself.

5) Ask for help. Multitasking no longer works, too much to do, too many distractions, too little time... so do not multitask as that only leaves you feeling confused and causes room for error. You will be surprised to find how many people are willing to help others to fulfil their basic human need to contribute.

If you still need clarity on your goals, then I suggest acquiring a life coach, who will help you stay organized in all areas of your life, be accountable for your decisions and reach your goals with minimum effort.

Wishing you Passion, Confidence and Peace.

Ukasha Malik, Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach

Ukasha Malik

The Lioness Within Confidence Coaching

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