ENVY - destroys joy

Who did you compare yourself to today or even yesterday? What about when you checked your Facebook or Instagram feed?


Have you ever caught yourself saying that others have accomplished what you think you SHOULD have accomplished by now as well?

Do you feel like another person's life is better than yours?

If yes, then remember you are doing no service to your own emotional health, let alone for society. Your mental health is greatly affected by the dialogues you say to yourself. If your internal dialogues are coming from being online and spending time on social media feeds, then reconsider your thought patterns to create a healthy mindset.

If you continue to compare yourself to those on social media, it is inevitable that you will enter depression. Therefore, avoid mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds as much as possible. Use social media purposefully by specifically choosing what you will look at and keeping it to a minimum.

Healthy Coaching Exercise to eliminate feeling envious: Get a pen and paper!

1.Make a list of who and what you frequently envy/compare yourself to.

2.Write how each negatively affects you.

3. Write why it is a waste of your time if you do not stop your negative thought process.

4. Write 3 main strengths about yourself: remind yourself that other people’s “outsides” can’t be compared to your “insides”

5. Write 3 main and most recent events in your life that you are grateful for and remind yourself you are a worth while person no matter what.

Comparison triggers can be healthy if you choose to add a positive meaning and real value for each time they occur. Use them as a motivation to improve not only yourself but help others to do the same. If anything, simply bring joy to others lives. Because...

JOY – destroys Envy

Bringing Joy

Best regards,

Ukasha Malik

Success Strategist

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