Get Unstuck

Anytime you find yourself stuck, remember that there are crucial conversations keeping you there at a subconscious level. Do you want to identify those crucial conversations and figure out where you're going wrong? This exercise will help you get better at understanding your patterns of emotions, thinking and behaving in confusing situations.

Get Unstuck

Let's begin your journey towards clarity and purpose. The following is a strategy for getting unstuck from within.


a) What am I trying to accomplish?

b) What physical obstacles are in my way? Are there conceptualized limiting beliefs in the story I tell myself about these obstacles or are they from other peoples' experiences?

c) If I was a fly on the wall, what would my human self look like he/she is doing to accomplish the goals he/she aspires to accomplish?

d) As the fly, what strengths and weaknesses does my human self have?


a) Admit: I am the person that I should be trying to improve.

b) Analyze: How are you acting? Is that how one should behave for the goals they desire to achieve?

c) Ask: I wonder how I can achieve ____________ and avoid ____________?

d) Believe: You already have all that you need to become what you want to become - so now is the time to commit to your true authentic self.


When people feel unsure, they typically move to silence. Those who are best at having a dialogue can interpret silence as evidence that others are feeling unsure.

a) Location: With what person, situation or place are you most likely to go to silence?

b) Timing: When are you likely to stay in conversation and open to exploration?

c) Catch the problem: Look at the problem from a birds eye view. Communicate issues and brainstorm solutions with someone you trust.

d) Content: look for solutions and similarities rather than uncertainty or differences.

e) Seek strategies*: to eliminate fear and rebuild confidence.

*Breakthrough Fear / Maximize Workshop available


a) Differentiate between facts and stories: Facts are pre-approved and provide credibility, while stories are judgments and conclusions that can change; and while it can empower, it may also discourage. We often justify our actions based on these stories.

b) Return to the source of your feelings: Remember the last time you felt stuck, how did you get stuck? How long did it take to get stuck? Now remember the last time you felt the most confident, encouraged and positive? How did you achieve that? How long did it take? Did anyone help you or did you do it on your own? Emotions are maintained and controlled by the self. So whether you are feeling stuck or unstuck - you can do both.


a) If your story doesn't end in a valuable lesson or on a simple happy note, then the story is incomplete. So complete your story, one that will propel your emotions towards the results that you want.

b) Transform the:

- Victim into an Actor - Break away from feeling like a victim, act as the protagonist in control of his/her destiny.

- Villains into Humans - People around you are humans, just like you and not out to get you.

- Helpless into Able - DO what MUST be done to move towards what YOU really want.


Your NEXT decision will not be your LAST decision, but it will get you to new level, so just start making decisions.

a) Review the options you have.

b) Prioritize by level of difficulty or importance.

c) Assess your resources.

d) Consult your options within your trusted circle.

e) Calendarize with a step by step approach.

f) Follow through with your appointments.

Congratulations, You have begun your journey into taking Massive Action.

If you would like me to help you with your unique situation or a decision to be made then book your FREE 30 minute Strategy Session with me. I would be more than happy to assist you.

Best regards,

Ukasha Malik, Founder of The Lioness Within, Confidence Coaching

Certified S.I. Life Coach

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