Let’s bake success

Tony Robbins once said, 'achieving success is like baking a cake – we can bake the same cake multiple times, we just need the ingredients and follow the steps in the recipe.' In same respect, there are specific ways to using the best of our traits - the ingredients, and utilize them to create success in the most powerful and beneficial ways - the steps. The ingredients and steps for success are learned from successful people and can be effectively implemented by taking direction and guidance from a coach.

I too have acquired my own coach. I believe its important to view ones own position from someone else's viewpoint; especially someone with the training and qualifications. I started my search a coach few weeks ago, connected with them by scheduling time for their free introductory session. Then, I simply asked them about their practice and asked what they could do to help me succeed and focus on achieving my 2018 goals. After much searching, I found myself a wonderful coach. She assigned me homework to search for what my 3 main dreams were for my business. I discovered them not to long ago; maintain a strong energy, grow from my challenges, and celebrate my victories at each level. This gave me the idea of calling my dreams the 3 steps to achieving success. I then connected this to the cake theory and voila we can bake success now! so… Let’s bake success!

The Lioness Within

Recipe: Achieving Success


  1. Passion – Purpose and drive that makes us do what we choose to do.

  2. Belief – Believing in self and eliminating self doubt.

  3. Strategy – Recognizing own talents and mastering them

  4. Clarity of Values – Principles and Standards of what matters and what doesn’t

  5. Energy – Physical, intellectual and emotional well being

  6. Connection – Bonding and creating lasting fulfillment with the ones we adore

  7. Communication – Promoting positive change by making each challenge enjoyable and accepting them as teachable moments in life

3 Steps Step 1 – Gather your ingredients / Maintain a strong energy base:

Strong intellectual base is created by focusing on beliefs and emotions that serve us. Strong physical base is created by healthy eating, hydration and movement. Strong emotional base is created by praying or meditating and good night sleep.

Step 2 – Mix the ingredients and bake in preheated oven / Grow from Challenges:

Utilize your challenges by believe in your passion, talents, values, resources and communicate with those that will inspire you further. Life is not perfect, and challenges will arise. However, with a strong base (Step 1) we can push through the obstacles and face our challenges with courage, faith and determination. This will enable us to use our power of belief to fight fear, frustration and of feeling overwhelmed.

Step 3 – Toothpick test / Celebrate the victories:

Reminder: Maybe not the first, second or third - but eventually the toothpick will come out dry. Each toothpick gets you closer to the dry one. If we acknowledge even the smaller wins along the way, we create a deeper hunger to build an even stronger base and place ourselves to an even greater standard of what is possible.

I feel so blessed, I have had an enormous positive response towards my practice, that I started not too long ago. But most importantly, I have amazing ideas lined up for 2018

of how I can assist my clients in their journey of being coached forward.

I wish you all a successful year ahead and if you are interested in baking beautiful edible cakes check out

Ukasha Malik

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