'To Speak or Not to Speak, that is the question!'

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Back in high school or even university, I would often start laughing in the middle of my presentations out of nervousness. Even though I had a word for word script in my hands, the eyes in the audience seemed critically focused on me. I worried about stuttering, coming across stupid or freezing on the spot. I was far from confident.

The journey to get here didn’t happen overnight. It required inner work.

Through the help of my coach, I uncovered what was holding me back. Thoughts like, “Who’s going to listen to what you have to say?” “Who do you think you are!” and “You’re not good enough!” were found at the core of my lack of confidence. I decided to uncover my old hurts, traumas and betrayals. I showed them light and gave them a meaning that empowered me instead of sabotaging me. I emerged into the space that was always meant for me. This space was given to me to provide others with the gift of coaching. Most importantly, I realized it was never about me.

If you want to become a speaker, I highly recommend hiring a confidence coach, like myself, but if you want to try it on your own, then follow these 5 simple steps to creating your own signature talk!

1) In a quite place, start reflecting on your past and your turning points in life. Write them all down on a piece of paper. Remember to time stamp them, think of what the weather was like, and how you felt in that moment. This is where the inner work comes in. If you feel overwhelmed with emotion, please contact me or your immediate health care provider.

2) Pick the turning point that you are most proud of or one that you feel could really help others.

3) Write the story out as you remember it. Paint a picture for your audience.

4) Add value by recommending what worked for you that others could benefit from. Make sure you create a step by step approach, so it is easy to follow.

5) Create point form notes of the story into 3-5 major points so you can easily remember the speech without cue cards.

Whatever blocks or limiting beliefs you may have, you too can overcome them. It will not happen overnight, but with guidance and a step by step approach, you too can share your passion and mission with confidence and power to effect positive change in this world.

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Wishing you a life full of Passion, Confidence and Peace.

Your Strategic Interventionist,

Ukasha Malik @ The Lioness Within Confidence Coaching

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