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Updated: Jun 20, 2018

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Give yourself a few moments to think about this question, 'Who are you?'… write down what comes to mind.

For the longest time, I didn’t actually know the answer to this question! The quickest things that would come to mind were my name, my relationship status, maybe my age, my job title, and the city I lived in.

When ever I had to introduce myself to someone new, I always related myself to 'so and so's daughter', or 'so and so's sister', or 'so and so's' wife... etc. And then I would leave those moments feeling like a nobody.

Today, I invite you to focus on this, even if only for a moment; tune into your true authentic self. Think of yourself as a person beyond your job and your relationship status:

What’s important to you?

What experiences do you seek?

What do you want to be remembered for?

Many of us don’t know who we are or what we want, because as children growing up, we are told who we should be and what we should want and what we should and shouldn't do. So, when asked, 'who are you?', we’re unable to articulate a response that’s clear, accurate and confident, simply because the answer doesn’t reflect your true authentic self.

One big step in figuring out who you are and what you want is by identifying your values. Values help us to determine what’s important to us and serve as a recipe to follow for a fulfilling life. They’re unique to each individual. My most confusing moments about who I am and what I want have also been my most unhappiest moments in life. I remember in the past when I no longer enjoyed being a successful Executive Assistant, or when I didn't feel a connection with my husband, or even when the Law program that I was enrolled into, no longer excited me... I found myself in a place of great confusion at those times. I now understand that I felt that way because I was not in alignment with my values. Thankfully, I made changes that got me back on track and understand that my uniqueness was my strength, my super power!

So if you want to find out what your values are, simply take a piece of paper and on one side write down, what you like spending time doing. And on the back of the paper, write down what experiences or behaviours really annoy you. Once you have a list, you’ll start to see a pattern develop. For example, you seek out thrilling activities like hang-gliding, and so you may value adventure or intensity. Maybe you become sad when someone interrupts you while in the middle of a sentence, thus you value fairness or justice. Simple trick: do a Google search, 'list of values' you will find a lot of words to choose from.

Once you know what your values are, you can use them to make conscious decisions. Values enable us to define who we are, what we want and design a life filled with relationships, experiences, and activities that honour what’s most important to us. The more we take steps to honour our values, the more we feel in tune with the Lioness within and choose to live wholeheartedly.

You all have something that no one else in this world has. You are one of a kind - there is only one you. You have a unique combination of skills, talents and gifts that no one else possesses, just like your DNA is like no one else's. I believe you have a unique path and journey to experience that is unlike anyone else’s. You owe it to yourself to stand out from the crowd and expresses the lioness within with pride.


Confidence Coaching

Ukasha Malik


Certified, S.I Life Coach

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